Inclusive Bills

All of your bills covered, in 3 easy steps!

Step One

We will give you all of the essential utilities as standard including gas, electricity, water, TV license and broadband internet. All of the basics ready to get you going in your new home.

Step Two

We don't want you to miss out so you can add any optional extras you would like such as TV recording, sports, movies, HD channels, and on-demand/on-the-go content.

Step Three

Enjoy! We'll take care of the rest - arranging installation and having everything ready for when you move in. And, of course, we will take care of all of your bills!

  • How it all started

    During our years of experience in the Newcastle student lettings market, we have witnessed the same problems faced by thousands of tenants year after year. Apart from your dissertation and your final exams, dealing with your house is renowned for being the most stressful things you can do as student.

    A recent study actually rated moving house and dealing with all that it entails "as traumatic as getting divorced"!

    Chatting to our tenants has told us that the most common student fear surround private rented accommodation is ending up with huge utility bills due to an incorrect energy tariff selection that has come about as a result of a confusing conversation with one of the big suppliers.

    With all of this in mind, we have designed the Tyneside Utilities Service to look after you as a student tenant and ensure that you get a fair deal when it comes to your property.

    Utilities prices are constantly changing so it's a full time job keeping track of who's giving the best deal. As a tenant on a short term contract it's almost impossible to get a good price. The big providers know you'll be moving again soon so they have little incentive to look after you as a customer. That's where we can help!

  • How it works

    We buy utilities on a commercial basis for many properties, which gives us much more buying power than any individual house. It also allows us to review all of the available tariffs on a regular basis and change suppliers as often as necessary to ensure that we always provide you with the best possible deal.

    It also means there is no waiting for internet or TV services to be installed after you move in. We will ensure that any services you select are fully up and running on the next working day after the start of your tenancy!

  • The service

    With the Tyneside Utilities Service, we organise and pay all of your bills! Everything is kept in our name so there are no arguments over who hasn't paid their share or about how and when accounts need to be settled!

  • What do you need to do?

    It couldn't be easier, you just have to pick the services you want at your property. That's it; we do everything else for you!

    There are no restrictions on what you have, any speed of internet or TV media package can also be added. If it's a special occasion or an early night in and you want to get a pay per view sporting event or a box office movie then that's fine too. Any additional costs will just be added on to the agreed amount of your next collection.

  • What do we do?

    When we know what you want, we provide you with a personal quote for your property detailing how much in pence per week each service will cost each tenant. After accepting the price, you don't need to think about the bills again for your entire tenancy, we do it all. We'll even pay any installation charges that might be incurred for the services you select, it really couldn't be any easier.

  • How it is paid for

    We collect the agreed amount on the 1st or 15th (depending on your tenancy start date) of every month by direct debit from each tenant. This money goes into your properties individual account with us. There are no extra charges on top of the price we quote you, this is all you have to pay for us to organise and provide all of the services that you want.

    To go green and promote energy saving by reducing your properties carbon footprint, our inclusive bills package is subject to a fair usage policy. If you're being a bit careless and causing your meter reading to be really high and well above what we would expect for your property, then we'll let you know that you need to start turning things off when you leave the house! This should solve the problem but if not we may have to readdress the price you pay per month. You will be notified of any such action in writing long before it occurs.